Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was the Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center created?
A: It is a City Council priority to help families grow strong and remain healthy in Aliso Viejo. We have two major goals: 1) Establishing the Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center as a place where residents can go to obtain information and/or referrals for programs and services; and 2) Increasing the community’s awareness of services and programs currently being provided. We are also interested in obtaining feedback from residents and families within the community for additional programs and services for needs that are not currently being met.

Q: What defines a strong family?
A: A strong family fosters mutual respect between parents and children, encourages character growth and provides a platform for strong life skill development.

Q: What are major factors within the home that weakens the family?
A: Not having adequate support resources such as access to health care, access to training and personal development, financial constraints associated with job loss or under-employment, and lack of social support tend to weaken families. For example, if a parent needs to attend a PTA or sport booster meeting, they should be able to call upon a neighbor, friend or family member to help with babysitting. Strong families rely upon each other for support with their daily activities.

Q: What are major factors outside the home that challenge strong families?
A: Peer pressure presents a strong challenge to many families. Constant pressure from friends who encourage smoking, drinking, and drug use can undermine the foundation of a strong family as well as pressure to just do the wrong thing and make decisions based on poor judgment that can result in work, home or school problems.

Strong families build strong communities. Aliso Viejo is a young community with a median age of 35. With about 18,204 households, families represent 12,115. Twenty-eight percent of our population is 0-19 years old. That’s a lot of young children. We want to ensure that the children in Aliso Viejo grow up to become responsible adults.

Q: What role will the FRC play to help build strong families?
A: The FRC is funded through a capacity building grant offered by the Orange County Children and Families Commission that was established as a result of Prop 10, the tobacco initiative that dedicates 50 cents per pack of cigarettes towards the establishment of programs and services to promote healthy families.

Q: What is the best way for parents to take advantage of services available at the FRC?
A: Call (949) 699-2552 or stop by the Iglesia Park Community Center. Hours of operation are Tuesday & Thursday, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Q: What are some of the resources made available to families in Aliso Viejo?
A: To help with training and personal development, the FRC provides positive discipline and parenting classes twice a month in the evenings.  Additional weekly classes are offered for basic first aid, CPR, health and nutrition. Future programs such as computer learning and cooking classes are being developed. ESL and after-school Homework Club is offered three times a week through a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America. Trips to the local library, immunization and health screenings are also on our wish list.

Our Summer drop-in recreation program, “Fun Zone” is available during July and August. There’s no fee and it is a lot of fun!  We also offer a very popular Teen Program.

Q: Are your services open to families outside Aliso Viejo?
A: The Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center is one of several throughout Orange County and is open to the residents of Aliso Viejo. Additionally, the South Orange County Family Resource Center is located in Lake Forest and their number is (949) 364-0500 for residents of surrounding cities.

The Aliso Viejo FRC is located in the Iglesia Park Community Center, the building was constructed in the 1970s and the building was recently refurbished to accommodate the community’s growing needs.

Q: How can I help?
A: We welcome personal and corporate volunteer support as well as financial contributions, endowments and in-kind services. We are currently developing a community collaborative of interested partners. Please contact us at for additional information. We appreciate your interest.

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