Mayor’s Message – Let’s work together

By Mayor Ross Chun

Let’s work together. I am committing my year as Mayor of Aliso Viejo to finding new and more effective ways to work together with the many agencies, businesses, constituent groups and others in our community. Aliso Viejo is beautiful, successful and a safe place to live, grow up and raise our families because of the many groups that support us, serve us, and provide for our citizens.

Each month, I plan to identify one of these important groups, like our school district, community association, chamber of commerce, senior communities and non-profit organizations and highlight their contributions to our quality of life in Aliso Viejo. I want to find new and more effective ways to work together with these organizations, and I invite my colleagues on the City Council to join me in celebrating their efforts and success in working with our city.

I look forward to a great year. Let’s work together!

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