Mayor’s April Message

Living in a beautiful suburban setting like Aliso Viejo affords residents many opportunities for an enviable lifestyle that includes shopping, dining, business and recreation. But with all these options tugging at our busy schedules, we often forget about the rejuvenating benefits the natural beauty of Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park offers us. Dedicated to preserving this environment since 1989, the Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) works tirelessly through advocacy, outreach and restoration programs to ensure residents and visitors can continue to appreciate and enjoy the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park & Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

Ten years ago, former Aliso Viejo Mayor Karl Warkomski convinced me to join the Laguna Canyon Foundation as a wilderness access volunteer (WAV), and in this role, I learned CPR, basic first aid, and some of the details of the LCF’s important work in the wilderness areas. I worked with residents from the immediate surrounding area and as far away as the Inland Empire, who came together to support the park and help create a safe, enjoyable natural area for everyone. We maintained trails, mitigated the effects of erosion, and monitored the activities of some of the wildlife residing in the park. This volunteer program was one way to engage and inform the public about the importance of the canyon’s natural beauty.

The Laguna Canyon Foundation partners with Aliso Viejo to further its mission and introduce the community to its educational and environmental efforts. Through this work, our city has an opportunity to aid in the preservation and restoration of sensitive natural habitats and learn about the beautiful ecosystem that enhances our lives and contributes to our city’s aesthetics, and economic growth. Visitors from across the region come to Aliso Viejo as a gateway to this beautiful natural environment; for recreational and educational benefits; and stay to enjoy our city’s retail, dining and business offerings. The Laguna Canyon Foundation’s efforts and partnership with the City of Aliso Viejo completes our city as a wonderful place to live and an exciting destination to visit for Southern Californians.

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