Monthly Disaster Preparedness Tip


In an effort to help keep the community safe, the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Barker is offering up a monthly disaster preparedness tip. This month’s tip deals with earthquake preparedness at the workplace. Remember the following:


1.    Keep a “go-kit” at work. If roads are closed and you cannot get home, do you have the essential items to last you at least 72 hours? Grab an old backpack or bag and fill it with the following items. You can then store your go-kit at your desk to use if the time comes:
–          Flash light and extra batteries

–          Toiletries
–          Medication
–          Change of clothes
–          Sturdy shoes and socks
–          Water and snacks
–          Cell phone charger
–          Radio (battery powered or crank)
–          First Aid Kit

2.    Have a backup plan.
–          Who will pick up your children from school/daycare if you cannot get to them?
–          Who can care for your pets if you cannot get home?
–          Do you have a neighbor who can check on your home?
–          Keep a list of important phone numbers in case your cell phone battery dies i.e. child’s school, neighbor, out-of-state contact, family/friends, roommate, etc.

3.    Secure your workspace.
–          Place heavy items such as books and binders on low-level shelves to prevent them from falling on you.
–          Secure and lock cabinets.
–          Keep space open under your desk in case you have to take cover during an earthquake.
–          Secure any decorative items that could fall including hanging pictures, personal momentous, picture frames, awards, etc.

4.    Keep vital workplace records updated and backups available. Have copies in electronic and hard-copy form as well as copies saved virtually if possible.

Visit for more information on disaster preparedness.



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