Mayor’s March Message – South County Outreach

In the opening of Aliso Viejo’s promotional video, we describe ourselves as “An affluent community…” That statement is used proudly but belies the underlying fact that as with cities in California and across the country, our City, alongside its natural beauty, carefully designed parks and thoroughfares and bustling shopping areas, has a segment of the population that is in need.

On a weekly basis, there are families who struggle to make ends meet. They have wage earners in the home, but because of circumstances too numerous to discuss, their paychecks simply cannot be stretched far enough to accommodate many necessities. Often, this includes food. This is a tragic reality of today’s economy in Orange County. But there are resources available to these families and individuals, and we are recognizing one such organization this month. South County Outreach, led by President and CEO Lara Fisher, has appeared before our Council, thanking us for our support of her organization’s efforts, and I have had the benefit of a personal tour of her facility located in Irvine.

Lara works tirelessly to provide food for individuals and families in need in South Orange County. In support of her efforts, our City has a year-round food bin inside City Hall for donations, and the Capistrano Unified School District said it will work to get food donation barrels in the local schools to help South County Outreach replenish its food pantry.  We’ll encourage our community partners like the Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce and Aliso Viejo Community Association to join and continue to support these efforts.

March is National Nutrition Month. We can all help combat the ongoing problem of hunger that our community is facing by donating healthy, nutritious foods to South County Outreach. Let’s work together!



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