Mayor’s February Message

By Mayor Ross Chun

Our City is an exciting blend of business, residential, recreation and education. This combination contributes to our high quality of life and makes Aliso Viejo uniquely balanced for all who live, work, shop and play here. An important part of our City is Soka University, with its incredible campus, artfully constructed on the rim of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

Soka not only contributes to the aesthetics of our City with its dramatic architecture and naturally beautiful landscape, but this top-ranked liberal arts university attracts students and teachers from around the world, bringing an exciting cultural element to our community. Combined with its educational opportunities, Soka University is home to a world-class Performing Arts Center, drawing internationally recognized performers and attracting patrons from across the country.

This month, I want to highlight the important contribution Soka University makes to our City with education, culture, the arts and an international element that enriches Aliso Viejo. Our partnership with Soka goes beyond its annual International Festival to bring a wide array of educational and entertainment events to Aliso Viejo. We have a chance to focus on some of these contributions with tours of the campus and new Life Science Building along with a cultural event in the coming months at the Performing Arts Center called “An Evening with the Mayors.” Soka and I will be inviting Mayors and Council Members from around South Orange County to enjoy the campus and special performance at the Soka PAC. I invite the whole community to attend as well with special ticket pricing for this event. Let’s take this opportunity to highlight this important part of our City and show all of Orange County how much Aliso Viejo and Soka University have to offer. Let’s work together to promote education, culture and the arts in South Orange County.

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