Keep your pets safe this July 4th holiday

While many people head back to work on July 5 after a long holiday weekend, others will spend the day searching for their lost pets. With this holiday being the busiest for animal shelters across the country, the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, which serves Aliso Viejo, is preparing for an increase of impounded animals.
As folks commemorate America’s independence with celebrations and firework displays, nervous pets hear a warzone.  Not only can fireworks seriously injure animals trying to play with them, but the loud and sudden noises can cause pets to panic and bolt.
However, there are several preventative measures you can take to ensure your beloved pets don’t become part of the statistics this holiday weekend.
1.     Keep your pets indoors at all times.  Even if your pet is used to being outside, panic caused by fireworks or other loud noises may make the animal jump a fence in a terrified attempt to find safety.
2.    Leave your pet at home.  If you are heading to a fireworks display, leave your pet safely secured inside your home.  The combination of too many people, an unfamiliar environment and loud fireworks may cause your pet extreme anxiety.  It is a good idea to leave a TV or radio on while your pet is in your home to provide “white noise” to lessen the sounds of fireworks.
3.    Keep proper ID on your pet.  If your pet manages to get lost, proper identification is the fastest way to get the animal home safely.  Collars and tags are great, but a microchip is ideal, as it provides permanent ID for your pet.
4.    Don’t give your pet barbecue scraps.  If you’re barbequing, you may be tempted to share a bite or two with your dog, but don’t. Bones, fat, alcohol, onions, grapes and many other foods are harmful to your pet if ingested and will cause serious gastrointestinal upset.
The best bet for celebrating this Fourth of July with your pets is to exclude them from holiday activities. Instead, find a safe, secure spot in the home for your animals while you enjoy the festivities. For more information, call 949-470-3045.
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