Keep your pets safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun, festive holiday for many people – but for some pets, it’s stressful and scary.

To ensure your pets have a happy and safe Halloween, the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, which serves our City, wants you to remember the following tips:

•              Avoid feeding your Halloween goodies to your pets. Many popular candies are toxic to dogs and cats like chocolate or sweets and chewing gum containing xylitol (an artificial sweetener).
•              Make sure jack-o-lanterns, lit candles and chewable cords are out of your pet’s reach to avoid accidental burns, injuries or property damage.
•              Keep your pets indoors and provide a safe space for nervous animals away from the front door to prevent them from getting spooked by visitors or accidentally getting out. Be sure your pet has ID tags, a current license, and a microchip. These are proactive measures to make sure a lost pet is safely returned!
•              If you plan to dress your pet up, try the costume ahead of time to make sure he or she is comfortable in it. Even the cutest costume can create undue stress for an animal if it is uncomfortable or restricts movement or breathing!

For more information about pet safety this Halloween season, contact 949-470-3045 or

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