Community members rallying behind injured deputy

Residents throughout the community are sending heartfelt messages to Aliso Viejo Police Services Deputy Denise French who was injured last week after a fight with a suspect.Deputy French was spotlighted on the social media site Nextdoor by Chief of Police Services Lt. John MacPherson as part of a new series to introduce Aliso Viejo’s dedicated personnel to the community.

Since Lt. MacPherson posted the following message, people have been wishing Deputy French a speedy recovery. The community’s response has touched the Aliso Viejo deputy, who has served this community for the past two years.

Read the post about Deputy French here:

Periodically, I like to spotlight the men and women of Aliso Viejo Police Services.  I feel this is a great way for you to get to know the people serving and protecting Aliso Viejo. 

Today, I am proud to introduce Deputy Denise French, who has been with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for 7 years and assigned to our city for the past 2 years.  During her short tenure here, Denise been a proactive and compassionate deputy.  She was selected to serve as a Field Training Officer to train newly assigned deputies in Aliso Viejo.  While working patrol, Denise has made a commitment to get drunk drivers off our streets.  In fact, her efforts resulted in 30 DUI arrests last year and a recent recognition by Mothers against Drunk Drivers.  Denise is on the OCSD Major Accident Reconstruction Team, which investigates “major injury and fatal” traffic collisions.  She has also part of the DUI Task Force. 

Denise graduated from UCI with a bachelor’s degree in biological science. While there, she was a member of the college’s rowing team and served as its captain.  Denise went on to obtain her master’s degree in forensic psychology from Walden University. 

Denise says she loves her job and that each day is so different.

“I get to interact with all kinds of different people,” she said. “It’s an exciting, dynamic career and I am able to make an immediate difference in people’s lives.”

Denise is married and during her free time enjoys yoga, snowboarding and rowing.  She has been on 2 teams that have won gold medals in the Police Olympics.

Unfortunately, Denise was in a fight last week with a suspect who was under the influence of several drugs and she will be out of work for a short time due to an injury.  I won’t go into details but you can see more about that incident on our Instagram and Twitter pages. 

If you see Denise around town, please say hello …


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