New ambulance service provider for Aliso Viejo

Care Ambulance has been providing emergency ambulance services to the City of Aliso Viejo since June 1.

Founded by Carl Richardson as a one-ambulance operation in 1969, Care Ambulance has grown from a small community-based service to the largest provider of ambulance services in Southern California.

Now owned by Falck Denmark, Care Ambulance has more than 1,000 employees and a fleet of 200 ambulances and support vehicles. The company provides ambulance services to many communities in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties.

As part of a public-private partnership, Care Ambulance responds alongside local fire department paramedics to provide needed emergency transport services.

When someone calls 911, paramedics provided by the fire department typically respond to an emergency within 5 to 8 minutes. Care Ambulance is dispatched simultaneously and arrives within 8 to 14 minutes.

According to CARE Ambulance, this model is highly efficient because the first responder paramedic will accompany a person to the hospital in the ambulance if medically necessary; however, if a person’s condition is less serious, the paramedic will release that person into the care of the Care Ambulance emergency medical technicians (EMTs). This allows the paramedics to return to service and remain available for the next emergency.

With this type of service model, Care Ambulance says it’s more cost effective for patients since they are only billed for the services they use.

The company, which is based in Orange, also provides basic life-support ambulances and critical care transportation services.
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