Business of the Month – Luna Grill

Aliso Viejo restaurant serves up high quality, taste

Since last August, Luna Grill has been serving up delectable authentic Mediterranean cuisine to patrons at the Aliso Viejo Town Center.

Sheena Milligan, marketing manager of the fast-casual eatery, recently spoke about the business.

Q. Why did you choose this city?
A. We chose Aliso Viejo because we want to be located in communities that resonate with our Luna Grill brand. We care what we are serving our guests and put a lot of thought into our ingredients. We want to provide the freshest and highest quality food possible. The people in this community care what they are consuming and look for good food that is going to be good for them.

Q. What does your business specialize in?
A. Luna Grill specializes in making good food that is good for you. We provide the highest quality ingredients possible and serve them fresh. This is one of the reasons our kabobs are cooked to order. We also specialize in great guest service. We promote from within and recognize future leaders early in their Luna Grill career.

Q. Is Luna Grill family-owned and how did you get into such a business?
A. Our restaurant began because the co – founders, Sean and his wife Maria, wanted a casual setting where they could get a healthier meal for their kids and family. The need was there, and they knew other parents would embrace the healthier fare as well. So, Luna Grill was born and the commitment to freshness and quality was made. After 10 years and 15 restaurants, and counting, our original commitment remains the same. Our co- founders are still the main voice of Luna Grill. Sean is Luna Grill’s CEO and Maria is the Chief Cuisine Officer.

Q. What is the best part of doing business in Aliso Viejo?
A. The best part of doing business in Aliso Viejo is the community. The people here are warm and inviting. They love where they live and they care about what is going on in their hometown. That is exactly what Luna Grill is all about and that affects where we want to be. We hire team members from the local communities near our restaurants. Our hope is that you will see your neighbor’s daughter behind the register or see your favorite team member at the grocery store.

Q. Do you incorporate any “green” practices into your business?
A. We do whatever we can to be mindful of our environment. Our to-go packaging, cups, and bags are among the recyclable items we use and are made from recycled materials. We are also mindful during the building of the restaurant. For instance at Aliso Viejo, you notice our floor-to-ceiling windows. We do this in part as a design choice but also because it lets in a lot of natural light and allows us to use less electricity.

Q. How do you give back to the community?
A. We are always looking to give back. We do fundraising nights and tasting events in all of our communities. We have also supported the San Pasqual Academy in San Diego. It is a one-of-a-kind facility that houses, educates and cares for foster kids and teens.

Anyone interested in hosting a fundraiser night at Luna Grill or those looking for a donation should contact Sheena at

Luna Grill is located at 26921 Aliso Creek Road. For more information, call 949-305-1699.


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