Business of the Month – NVISION

One of the largest LASIK and cataract surgery providers in the U.S. moves to Aliso Viejo

After 15 years at its Newport Beach flagship location, NVISION Eye Centers, one of the largest providers of LASIK and cataract surgery in the U.S., moved its headquarters to the City of Aliso Viejo.

NVISION’s Aliso Viejo corporate headquarters and national support center, which boasts 9,000 square feet and includes a collaborative campus-style workspace for its 35 corporate employees, will accommodate the increasing patient demand for the company’s world-class surgeons and staff who utilize unparalleled state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to restore vision to stunning clarity.

“With the rapid expansion of our business, we needed to move our 35 corporate employees to a new, larger location that would enable them to support our 18 Centers of Excellence located in California, Nevada, and Oregon,” said James Pereyra, president of NVISION.  “Our expansion over the last 3 years is a testament to the widespread need for innovation in the medical practice setting.  The new space in Aliso Viejo is exactly what we were looking for – we are right in the middle of a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in the eye care industry.  In 2015, we anticipate increased growth in our business, while we continue to focus on providing the gold standard of patient care that our patients have become accustomed to.  We are thrilled to be part of the Aliso Viejo business community as we kick off an exciting year for our company.”

With more than 450 employees in 18 locations across California, Nevada and Oregon, and more than 1,700 eye doctors referring their patients — and entrusting their own eyes to NVISION surgeons — NVISION Eye Centers is the Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice® and the most trusted name in laser vision treatments.

NVISION Eye Centers’ new corporate office is located at 75 Enterprise, Ste. 200. For more information, call 877-91NVISION (877-877-916-8474) or visit


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