Municipal & Zoning Codes

Thank you for your interest in the Aliso Viejo Municipal Code (AVMC). The Code was adopted by the City Council on September 15, 2010 and took effect on October 15, 2010. The AVMC is the codified version of applicable ordinances adopted by the Aliso Viejo City Council and/or the voters of the City of Aliso Viejo. It is the legal code of the City and contains 15 Titles with each Title covering a general subject matter.

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Title 15 of the AVMC is the Zoning Code. The Zoning Code and its accompanying Zoning Map provide the rules for land use and development in the City. The Map depicts the areas where different land uses are allowed in the City, such as residential, commercial and others. The Zoning Code lists the specific land uses that are allowed within each zone shown on the Map. The Zoning Code also contains written regulations on how property may be developed in each zone. These include standards for setbacks, building heights, signs, parking and other development regulations. The Zoning Code and Map are consistent with the land uses and policies shown in the General Plan and are the primary tools for implementing the Plan.

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