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In 1989, Assembly Bill 939, known as the Integrated Waste Management Act, was passed due to the increase in the waste stream and the decrease in landfill capacity. As a result, the California Integrated Waste Management Board was established, and then the name changed to California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery or CalRecycle. The mandated responsibility of this department is to reduce waste, promote management of all waste materials to their highest best use, and to protect public health and the environment. To meet these responsibilities, the state legislature has given CalRecycle enforcement authority in local government waste diversion.
As a result of legislation, the disposal reporting system was established, and facility and program planning was required. AB 939 mandated a 25% reduction of waste being disposed by 1995 and 50% by year 2000. AB 939 also established an integrated framework for program implementation, solid waste planning, and solid waste facility and landfill compliance.
The City of Aliso Viejo strives to meet and exceed these mandated diversion requirements. Whether you are a resident, student, developer, business, or property manager, there are several ways you can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. Click on the links below for information on waste handling in the City of Aliso Viejo.
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