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The City is proactive in its efforts to transform Aliso Viejo into a more “Walkable” community. Walkability is one critical aspect of a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community.In Aliso Viejo, our walkable community is part of a larger plan to realize Aliso Viejo’s intrinsic urban nature, where goods and services are conveniently located close to residences and workers and where walking is the healthiest and most enjoyable way to get around.

Walkability is the cornerstone and key to our area’s efficient ground transportation. Every trip begins and ends with walking. Walkable communities put urban environments back on a scale for sustainability of resources (both natural and economic) and lead to more social interaction, physical fitness and diminished crime and other social problems. A walkable community is a more desirable community that leads to full, happy and healthy lives for the people who live in town.

What is a Walkable Community?

Walkable communities are places in which most trips are made without a car. Walkable communities are desirable places to live, work, learn, worship and play. They are a key component of smart growth. Walkable communities locate within an easy and safe walk goods (such as housing, offices, and retail) and services (such as transportation, schools, libraries) that a community resident or employee needs on a regular basis. Walkable communities make pedestrian activity possible, thus expanding transportation options, and creating a streetscape that better serves a range of users – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and vehicles. To foster walkability, Aliso Viejo strives to mix land uses and build compactly, and ensure safe and inviting pedestrian corridors.

Envisioning a Walkable Aliso Viejo

In Aliso Viejo, walking is a natural part of a vibrant community life that encourages active living and enhances the City’s appeal to residents, businesses and visitors. The pedestrian infrastructure is seamlessly integrated into the transportation system, and the walking experience is inviting, enriching and safe. Fifty one percent of our community is dedicated to parks, recreation, schools, open space and community facilities, so the opportunities to embrace a walkable Aliso Viejo are endless.

Walk AV Today

Aliso Viejo’s Walkable Community consists of People, Places and ProgramsWalking is the most basic form of transportation. People walk everywhere – from home to work, to shop, to school and to the park. During the day, workers might walk to lunch or take a stroll to conduct personal business. Walkability is increasingly valued for many reasons. Pedestrian transportation reduces congestion and has low environmental impact, and it has social and recreational value. Walking also promotes mental and physical health.

Walk Fit

Aliso Viejo is a South County leader in designing and embracing a community to show adults and children how easy and enjoyable the world’s simplest exercise can be. Research shows that physically inactive kids are more likely to grow up to be physically inactive adults – and are therefore at high risk for obesity and its related problems.

Walk to School

Aliso Viejo embraces encouraging children to walk to school. Children don’t walk to school as much as they used to, mainly because of safety concerns, such as speeding motorists, fear of abductions, a lack of sidewalks, and unsafe street crossings. Many experts think that children not walking to school are one of the many factors that have led to an increase in the number of overweight school-aged children. Walk to School Day brings parents, teachers, children, and community leaders together to focus on the importance of physical activity, safety and walkable communities. Walk to School Day events teach kids and parents to think of walking as an active, safe and healthy means of transportation.

For more information about Walk to School programs, contact the City’s Crime Prevention Specialist at 949-425-2564.

You can also find out more information about safety tips on Visit the Safe Routes to School Online Guide at http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/guide/

Summer Walking Program

The City’s “Summer Walking Program” is part of the effort to promote the walkable community. Participants walk as a group around the newly constructed Town Center Trail Loop. The Summer Walking Program takes place Monday evenings in July. For more information, call the Community Services Department at (949) 425-2519.

Nature Walks

Join Ranger Carroll for a short, informative nature walk along the Aliso Creek Trail. Learn about the history of Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, complete with information about plants, animals and other trails. Walks are relatively easy and recommended for families and individuals who enjoy the outdoors. Please, no pets!

When: Nature Walks are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month.

Time: Starts at 12:00 Noon and lasts about 30 minutes.

Cost: Tour is free to the public.

Parking: $2.00 per vehicle

Where: Meet at the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, located at 28373 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Niguel (borders to Aliso Viejo)

For additional information, please contact Ranger Carroll at (949) 923-2299.

Click Here for Aliso and Wood Canyons Park

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