Community Services

The Community Services Department offers Aliso Viejo residents exceptional service, innovative programs, special events and diverse cultural and educational experiences in vibrant, sustainable spaces.

The department, which maximizes City resources through collaborative partnerships within the community, is committed to facilitating activities that grow strong families, promote healthy lifestyles and support the strong sense of community shared by Aliso Viejo residents.

The Community Services Department is also responsible for special projects that include managing the City’s website and Enews to provide the community with the most up-to-date and timely news and information that impacts the way people live, work and play.


The department oversees the use and maintenance of Iglesia Community Center and Park, the Aliso Viejo Ranch site, the day-to-day operation of the City’s Family Resource Center and it coordinates operations of the Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center and Aliso Viejo Center. Of the 23 community parks located in the City, only Iglesia Park and Vista Park are owned and managed by the City. The City also owns the Aliso Viejo Ranch site at 100 Park Avenue. All others are maintained by Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA).  For a listing of all community parks in Aliso Viejo, use our interactive map.

The Community Services Department provides programming for senior citizen residents including transportation, Emeritus Institute and recreational classes and important resources for the population.

The Community Services Department manages and administers the Community Grant programs for the City of Aliso Viejo. There are two different types of grants available to organizations serving residents of Aliso Viejo, which are identified below.

Community Promotional Grant

The policy is designed to provide a fair and equitable system for dispersing City funds to not-for-profit and civic organizations. Grant funding is evaluated on a case-by-case basis following specific criteria. View the Community Services Promotional Grant Policy.

Community Assistance Grant for Community Services, Programs and Activities

The policy is designed to fairly and equitably disperse City funds that will provide partial funding for community service programs and activities conducted by not-for-profit organization. Read more about it and download the application here.

The department is led by Community Services Manager Stephanie Phillips.

Contact the Community Services Department:

Phone: (949) 425-2550
Fax: (949) 425-3899

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