Financial Policies

Accounts Payable Policy Code of Ethics Policy Debarment and Suspension Policy Deposits/AIR Policy Fixed Assets Policy Fraud Prevention Policy Fund Balance Policy Identity Theft Protection Management and Budget Policy Pension Plan Funding Level Policy Purchasing Policy Travel & Expense Policy

Long Term Financial Planning

Long Term Financial Plans are detailed reports prepared by staff to assist the City Council in assessing the impact of local decision making on the City’s future quality of life. Developed as a blueprint for the City’s future, the Five Year Strategic Plan defines the City Council’s goals and assesses the City’s financial ability to […]


The Director of Financial Services also serves as the City Treasurer at the discretion of the Council. The California Government Code Section 53646 requires the City Treasurer to submit an Investment Policy to the legislative body each fiscal year.  The City’s Investment Policy complies with both the California Government Code and guidelines recommended by the […]


Property Tax: Property Tax is the City’s largest source of general fund revenue. Property taxes are assessed by the County of Orange. State law mandates that the Assessor identifies and values all property in the County for property tax purposes each year. The taxes are calculated by the Auditor-Controller. The average tax rate in Orange […]


The budget preparation process takes approximately three months.  All budget submissions for new and additional services, positions, capital outlay, and capital improvement projects are reviewed.  The overall picture of estimated revenues and proposed appropriations is also carefully studied.  In addition to providing the most efficient, effective and economical service levels possible, public safety, legal requirements, […]

Budget Summary

FY 2017-18 Budget Summary FY 2016-17 Budget Summary FY 2015-16 Budget Summary FY 2014-15 Budget Summary FY 2013-14 Budget Summary FY 2012-13 Budget Summary FY 2011-12 Budget Summary FY 2010-11 Budget Summary

Annual Budget

FY 2017-18 Annual Budget FY 2016-17 Annual Budget FY 2015-16 Annual Budget FY 2014-15 Annual Budget FY 2013-14 Annual Budget FY 2012-13 Annual Budget FY 2011-12 Annual Budget FY 2010-11 Annual Budget FY 2009-10 Annual Budget FY 2008-09 Annual Budget FY 2007-08 Annual Budget FY 2006-07 Annual Budget FY 2005-06 Annual Budget FY 2004-05 Annual […]

Compensation and Benefits Information

The salary and benefits costs for Aliso Viejo officials and staff are contained in the City’s fiscal budget which is approved annually in a public meeting. The City Council monthly stipend of $520 is in accordance with State law and has not been adjusted since 2008. The City Manager works under an employment contract that […]