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General Plan

Aliso Viejo’s General Plan is a policy document for the long-range comprehensive development of the City. The General Plan provides direction for future growth and brings into focus the relationship between residents and their pursuits and institutions, offering policy statements, which embody the expressed goals for present and future generations. As a policy document, the General Plan provides the legal basis for all subdivision, zoning and related ordinances. It also provides the legal basis for the initiation and authorization for all public improvements and projects.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Land Use Element
Land Use Element
Circulation Element
Circulation Element

Housing Element

Conservation/Open Space Element

Safety Element

Noise Element

Land Use Policy Map

Housing Policy Map

Circulation Policy Map

Conservation/Open Space Policy Map

Noise Policy Map

Safety Policy Map

Implementation Programs

Appendix A - Implementation

Appendix B - Glossary

Appendix C - Community Profile