The Aliso Viejo Planning Department is responsible for articulating and implementing the community's vision of the City's natural and built environment as outlined in the General Plan, which serves as a comprehensive strategy for the management of future physical growth and change within the community, as well as the Zoning Code and various ordinances/codes related to land use and development. 

Planners review entitlement (Variance, Site Development Permit, etc.) submittals and ensure that proposals meet City codes. Planners also review administrative permits for signs. The department is responsible for processing environmental documents, ensuring compatibility of proposed projects with existing development, preparing long-range policy documents and providing the community with long- and short-term planning to coordinate and monitor growth and development. City planners provide technical support to the City Council and various planning-related committees/commissions.

Aliso Viejo's Director of Planning Services is Albert Armijo.

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