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A.V. Eyes


Aliso Viejo doctor prides himself on making people see better

Dr. Peter Rich is in the business of making people see better. For the past 15 years, he has been doing just that through his A.V. Eyes business in Aliso Viejo Town Center. The busy shop is nestled between Which Wich and Daphne's.

Dr. Rich recently spoke about his business and this great community.

Q: When did A.V. Eyes come to Aliso Viejo and why did you chose this location?
A:  A. V. Eyes opened February 1, 1999.  While many businesses have come and gone in town center, I am one of the few remaining original tenants.  I moved my practice from Newport Beach because I saw Aliso Viejo as a vibrant, up-and-coming, young community.  I felt this would be a great place to live with great potential to grow my practice.

Q: What does your business specialize in?
A: We specialize in full-scope family eye care, from itchy eyes to contact lenses to designer, computer, and sports eyeglasses.  We co-manage laser vision correction, accept most vision and medical insurance plans and see anyone from 3 to 103!

Q: How did you get into this type of business and is it family owned?
A:  I come from a family of doctors, so I seemed destined to pursue a career in health care.  I call my office A. V. Eyes because my original landlords wanted my office to have a name other than "Dr. Rich," but A. V. Eyes is not a large corporate chain.  It is a local office owned by me.

Q: What is the best part of doing business in Aliso Viejo?
A: The wonderful, friendly families I am privileged to take care of every day, the great weather, the proximity to the beach, and all of the fun things there are to do here.

Q: How has your business evolved over the years and what do you see as challenges and benefits?
A: Over the years I have become busier, but I feel I still maintain my personal one-on-one approach to eye care.  I see every patient myself. I do not see that changing regardless of how much the office continues to grow.

Q: Does the business or its employees give back to the community by supporting local causes and charities?
A: I have donated my time and services to provide eye exams for the homeless and have supported the Aliso Niguel High School football team and track team.

Q: Do you employ any special "green" practices in your business?
A. We have an in-house laboratory for making eyeglasses which is totally self-contained, using no water and producing very little waste.

A.V. Eyes is located at 26611 Aliso Creek Road For more information, call 949-362-2200.