City Manager

The City Manager's Office implements decisions established by the Aliso Viejo City Council, and the coordination of those efforts through the different City departments. The City Manager's Office provides administrative direction to all departments and is responsible for enforcing all laws and ordinances. Aliso Viejo's City Manager is David Doyle.

The City Manager's Office assists the City Council in the development and formulation of policies, goals and objectives, and keeps them informed of important community issues. It provides administrative direction to the City's executive directors and is responsible for managing the activities and operations of the City, ensuring the provision of quality services. The City Manager's Office is also responsible for representing the City's interests throughout the region and beyond through coordination of international activities, receiving foreign officials and promoting business development with foreign countries.

The City Manager's office includes legislative support, policy implementation, budget development, strategic planning and legal service functions. Economic development, human resources, risk management, and contract administration within the City Manager's Office fall under the Administrative Services Director. Aliso Viejo's Administrative Services Director is Glenn Yasui.

Contact the City Manager's Office
Phone:(949) 425-2510
Fax:(949) 425-3899